The reality TV star says she is being blackmailed with photoshopped nude photos.

Tacha has expressed the shock at the hate and bitterness she has to deal with every day as she shares the photoshopped nude photos a blackmailer sent to her.

The reality TV star shared the photos via her Twitter page on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

According to her, she woke up to messages from her team drawing her attention to the mail from the blackmailer.

You’re trying to have a good day, you wake up to messages from your team telling you to check your mail, you check your mail only to find this!! I have to deal with evil demeaning DMS every day!!! Every ******* day!” she captioned the photos.

Talking about “we will publish them?” Publish what? Edited pictures? Publish pictures you edited? And I and my team should feel threatened? Broken heart. The hate I deal with, I pray for strength!!.

Tacha was one of the housemates from the last edition of Big Brother Naija.

Her stay in the house was marred with controversies. At some point, she was disqualified from the reality TV show for breaking the house rules.