According to her, the singer knows she is incapable of sending threat messages to his fiancee.

The drama between Kelly Hanspme and his baby mama, Ronke Moredeyo appears to be far from over as she has responded to the threat claims issued by the singer.

The singer and his baby mama have been at loggerheads on social media over the last few days.

Moredeyo took to her Instagram page on Monday, April 20, 2020, where she called out the singer for the threat allegations levelled against her.

Dear Kelechi Obinna Hans Orji, seeing how you have condescended so low in tarnishing my image is quite appalling & preposterous. You did same to me while we dated. did you not know that your Girlfriend’s at that time kept sending me threat messages, why would you think I am the one who wrote that unnecessary stuff to your wife,” she wrote.

If you claim I am the one and not one of your numerous victims, send proof. Where is your evidence? The world doesn’t know how much of a drama king you are not until they come around you to know and see you are a psychopath.

“No woman in her right senses would go diabolic on you. I am not about to get dirty in the mud with you cause you are already there but you see this dance of humiliation you have started, be ready to tell the story when called for.

Even your mum is aware of the numerous threats I got and deep down within yourself, you are aware that even in d next world I wouldn’t go out on another woman for your bullshit Grow up Kelly! Grow up! Accept your flaws, your mistakes and make amends Baby Daddy. Just for the records, you are not worth my time no more.

Hansome and Moredeyo have both gone on social media to call each other out.

From claims of being a dead beat dad to the use of diabolical means to harm each other, it has been a messy week for the former lovebirds.