What if they leave you on read?

We are all in this lockdown together so we totally understand all the tricks that idleness and the extended time at home can play on the mind.

Still, we wouldn’t want you to spend your time remaking old mistakes when you can spend your precious time making new ones.

Away from the jokes though, you should think long and hard about these five things every time you feel like texting that your toxic ex

1. Quarantine will end soon

If not at the end of this second two-week period, then at the end of the next one or the next one or… eventually.

You are doing well. Just hold on for a little while longer. The thing will end and you will have your normal life back that will distract you from thinking about that ex that slept with two of your friends and refused to repay the loan they took from you before y’all broke up.

2. Honestly, you’re just bored

And you are not the only one who is fed up of watching movies, eating, surfing the internet and moving from bedroom to living room for 21 days straight.

But how many people do you see going back to the toxic ex who used to police our movement and used to try to detach them from their friends and circle of confidence? Yeah. Not so many. That’s because even now, it is important to keep protecting your mental space from present and future invasion of toxicity – no gaslighting, no emotional blackmail and others. Better bored and mentally OK.

3. What if they leave you on ‘read’?

When it happens, [and there’s a big fat chance it will if you ignore our warning and text that person] we’ll be here to deliver your clown suit.

4. Would you be proud of yourself afterwards?

After all the talk-to-yourself-in-the-mirror sessions you had to do to successfully get that woman/man out of your system. Imagine texting him back after all that… only to get aired or worse, used, abused and dumped. AGAIN.