On some days, she is a Mechanical Engineering & Design who studied at Warwick University, UK.

A few days ago, Phylix’s Blog spoke with Jehovah-Nissi Ogulu, the last born of 3 children – one of them is Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Grammy-nominated Burna Boy. To everyone else, she is Nissi, the singer-songwriter.

On some days, she is a Mechanical Engineering & Design who studied at Warwick University, UK. Other times, she is the fine art, creative digital design, animation, philanthropy, dance afficionado with an undying love for popcorn. As a teenager, she attended Corona Secondary School, Lagos, and then The Royal High School, Bath, UK.

When asked why certain people did not know about her for a long time, she simply replied, “In many ways I have always kept my artistry separate from his but a true Burnaboy fan ought to have known me before now. My siblings and I are very close.”

Her other sibling is sister, Ronami Ogulu. She is a stylist who manages her brother, Burna Boy‘s wardrobe for public appearances, performances and tour dates. Their mum is Bose ‘Mama Burna’ Ogulu who plays ‘mum-ager’ to her children and presumably manages their business interests as well.

Their maternal grandfather is Benson Inodije, a one-time manager to Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. When asked if Nissi feels any pressure to live up to these lofty standards, she replies, “None at all.”

Right now, she is signed to Spaceship Entertainment, the label owned by her brother, Burna Boy and run by her family. She chats with Phylix Blog thus;

Phylix’s Blog: Your Mom, Brother and Sister are in entertainment. Was the family highly creative when you guys were growing up?

Nissi: My brother and I were always big on art and music while my sister always had a fantastic eye for fashion. My mom has always been an impeccable businesswoman so it seems life just kind of made it all work together.

Phylix’s Blog: You’re trying to start a movement with NissiNation, what would you say the movement is about?

Nissi: The movement is about empowering people. I want to see more people who think and act differently in a way that creates a better balance for society. I want to see people be any and everything they want to be especially women, it’s about changing the narrative, encouraging all to live on their own terms.

Phylix’s Blog: When did you start making music?

Nissi: I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old and started singing a few years after, I was probably 9. Didn’t have my first experience recording a track until I was 13 though.

Phylix’s Blog: When did you realize music would be your career?

Nissi: I sort of always knew it’ll be a huge part of who I was but the idea that it’ll potentially be a career was likely when I was in year 11.

Phylix’s Blog ; There are four years between ‘Criminal’ and ‘Toronto’/’Trouble.’ You were recording in-between it all. Why the need to push and concerted promotional effort now?

Phylix’s Blog: Describe your sound in three words?

Nissi: Soul, Afro-Jazz, Dance

Phylix’s Blog: Your music carries momentous sensuality. What do you hope your music portrays?

Nissi: Deep reflections about life, love and society delivered in a package that makes my message easier to assimilate which for me comes out in sensual storytelling.

Beneath it all the music really pushes a consciousness of self and social awareness and that’s what I want, It’s why I released a song called “Pay Attention” a few years ago, that song remains relevant to this day.

I want my music to remind people to stay positive, get through tough times and live life to the fullest.

Phylix’s Blog: What’s the best thing about having a Grammy-nominated global superstar brother?

Nissi: That one of my favourite humans on the planet is living his dream and I’m there to witness it.

Phylix’s Blog: What’s the worst thing about having a Grammy-nominated global superstar brother?

Nissi: The assumptions

Phylix’s Blog: What does 2020 hold for Nissi? (Your total breakdown)

Nissi: 2020 has so far been a rather interesting year. God-willing, we’re already looking at a minimum of 2 music projects, live shows, collaborations and lots of Art!

Phylix’s Blog: How can fans reach you on social media?

Twitter: @nissination

Instagram: @nissination

Facebook: @nissination

Tik Tok: @nissination

Snapchat: @nissio