Her mother is also her father
Always there to push further
Feminism is not her bother
Grew up to resent every brother
Rolling the tissues cos of daddy issues
No Man to fill those big shoes

Wasn’t she good enough? She questioned!
Was he meant to leave! The answer
Every time she asks about daddy
She gets shutoff with a candy.
The girl without a father.

The girl without a father
Everyone has a father,
I mean that’s the order of production,
Not really the ones that cater,
the ones who gives protection.

Don’t get it twisted
Fatherly love is relative,
But why must she feel the worst.

Every girl is her father’s princess,
But hers makes her feel unwanted.

It’s not her fault that she sees every boy/man not as her prince charming,
Not as one who’s in love with her for her,
She sees him more like a predator hunting for his prey.

She feels history will repeat itself,
I mean growing up with a sense of rejection.
the first man in her life left without getting to know her.
Now every boy/man wooing her is her enemy.
Sorry bro, it’s not your fault,
She’s the girl without a father.



Ogunkunle Emmanuel Ayodeji is a Statistics student at the University of ilorin kwara State. Emmanuel has interest in Poetry and content creation. He has some of his contents published on (vanguard news paper and teegoldarts.wordpress).

He writes from ayodejiogunkunle@gmail.com