Can I visit my neighbour in the next flat? How about a morning run?

Since the 14-day lock down of Lagos and Ogun states as well as Abuja became a thing, Stay At Home has become the music on everybody’s lips.

But what exactly does ‘stay at home’ mean? Does it mean you cannot step outside your gate? Or are you permitted to walk few meters down your street? What and what exactly can do you do, and how exactly are we supposed to live in this period of lockdown without losing our minds?

You definitely should stay at home except…

…you are in a healthcare related business; or if you are into food processing, distribution and retail, petroleum distribution and retail, power generation, transmission and distribution and private security, according to Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu.

That technically means no strolling beyond your gate. And obviously, no visitation of your friend in the next house.

How about your neighbor in the next flat?

The answer to that logically has to be a no. Social distancing at all times. Stay in your house with family. And only family.

Can you go out for exercises like morning runs?

You surely can’t go to the gym in any of these three regions. But for Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory Administrative Authority has said that jogging “is allowed within the neighborhood as long as clusters are not formed and done individually. Note: You are NOT allowed to leave your neighborhood or congregate within your neighborhood.”

How about buying food/supplies in neighborhood stores?

The rush to stock up peaked hours before the lockdown kicked into effect, as many are uncertain of the possibility of accessing these things for the next 14 days. [See how much average Lagosians spent on stocking up]

But in reality, President Buhari’s orders [and this tweet by Governor Sanwoolu] clearly permits essential service providers like electricity, food processing, telecommunication, media, petroleum transportation and medical workers to keep working.

Their movement will be restricted and monitored but they should still be accessible in one way or another – most likely deliveries, since you are not allowed to leave home.

How do they intend to enforce any of this?

Security agents and officers have been commissioned for this purpose. Though charged with friendliness and respect in the carrying out of these duties, it is better to not know how well they will be choosing to adhere to depart from the governor’s advice. Stay at home.