Don’t overthink during this lockdown.

In this period where everyone is home and almost has nothing doing, there is the possibility of OVERTHINKING.

Although just like eating, thinking is something we need to do to survive, but you should not be thinking too much. The result of such is usually devastating!

We all have worries about unresolved problems, memories of difficult or embarrassing experiences, angry thoughts about unfair situations, and sad thoughts about disappointments and losses, but as soon as the mind is not occupied with something else, unwanted thoughts rush in — especially the ones we’ve been trying hardest to suppress.

Be mindful about your thoughts, allow your thoughts come and go freely. Don’t overthink any situation!
When you’re mindful of your thoughts, you realize that thoughts are constantly appearing and disappearing, and that you can choose whether to believe or comply with them.

Negative thoughts will come, because negative thoughts are normal part of life. Mindfulness won’t get rid of them. Instead, mindfulness teaches us to be less bothered by our unpleasant thoughts and less controlled by them.

I would give few steps that can help you stop overthinking, it’s usually very hard to stop. But we need to, because overthinking will only keep bringing negative conclusions and we all start to be paranoid about things we have not experienced.

This pandemic is enough, we can’t afford to run mad on our own ?‍♀️


1. Recognize when you are overthinking
2. Stay positive, we most of the time overthink because we are scared and worried about certain things.
3. Look for distractions, consciously switch gears and channel your energy into something else

4. Stop being a perfectionist, not everything has to be perfect. Doing your best is one thing, but perseverating over every little detail can push you into a state of paralysis, anxiety and procrastination.
5. Let go of control, don’t put too much responsibility on your shoulder.
6. Put things into a wider perspective.

There is no point overthinking anything, all we need to do is, put more effort so we can meet our expectations, trust more, be diplomatic, and prayerful.

We would all reach the final destination we crave!

So loosen up and see this lockdown period as relaxation time and time to re-evaluate our lives.

All the best!