You do not want to be bored to the bones in this period of social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine.

The World Health Organization has described the coronavirus as a pandemic and therefore advising everyone to maintain some form of social distancing and also stay at home to avoid the spread and contamination of the virus.

This period requires that you spend a lot of time at home and if you have nothing to do, you might end up being bored and frustrated. So might want to try out new things, learn a new skill and so much more.

We have made a list of activities that can help you get through this period till the pandemic is over:

1. Make YouTube your friend

You can learn something new this period; YouTube should be your friend this period because it is such a great tool for learning. If you have wanted to learn makeup or you have been procrastinating on how to learn this particular baking method well here is the time.

2. Online Class

As we all know schools are shut down due to this pandemic, this is a great opportunity to catch up on your schoolwork there are so many online courses a can help get on track. If you are writing your final year project and you have deadlines to meet this is an opportunity to finish.

3. Clean your house

This period means that you get to spend more time at home so you might as well do the needful. This is when you need to practice maximum hygiene as best as possible, clean out every part of your room, your kitchen, your bathroom and toilets.

4. Learn a new language

If you have been stalling on learning French or German, well you have all the time to do that now. You can download Duolingo, an application that helps learn a new language. By the end of this quarantine, you will have become a professional in your chosen language.

5. Read novels

A lot of us are guilty of picking up a novel and dropping it halfway because we barely have enough time to finish it. But now you are all alone at home you can make a list of novels to read till this pandemic is over. This way you get to be more serious and before you know, you would have read like 5 to 10 novels.