Setting the facts straight on Chloroquine and its [in]ability to deal with Coronavirus.

It is being touted that Chloroquine can help in the fight against Coronavirus and that sounds like some much-needed good news.

With the gloom cast on the world by Coronavirus’ dark tentacles, it is easy to jump at every glimmer of hope including the one brought by this information. However, it is equally important to not get ahead of ourselves here.

What Trump said

While American President said on Thursday, March 19th, that Chloroquine has “tremendous promise” in treating Covid-19, which has infected more than 10,000 Americans and killed at least 176 in his country, that is still not conclusive evidence that the drug is something to start stockpiling or hoarding. Neither do his words serve as final authority on the subject.

The reality of the situation at the moment

In addition to that, the The US Food and Drug Administration has actually said that it has not approved Chloroquine for COVID-19 cure.

According to Bloomberg News, FDA officials hit back at Trump minutes after he claimed that Chloroquine, a drug more recognized with the treatment of malaria, was set to be rolled out to Covid-19 patients nationwide after showing “very encouraging results” in trials.

Trump has since confirmed to the same press conference that chloroquine has not yet been approved as a possible treatment. It will require further clinical trials before any green-light is given.

But the good news here is that…

The test phase and approval structure will be sped up in order to provide aid to all patients all over the world.