Today on Phylix’s Blog list, we will be sharing with you guys, five biracial celebrities.

First and foremost, a biracial person is someone who has parents of two different races.

Having said that, it is common to find people a lot of biracial people around which has kind of made it very easy to identify them, especially when one race is from the western world.

One thing that is very similar to biracial people is the fact that they take the front seats when it comes to stunning looks.

Over here in Nigeria, some of your favourite celebrities belong to this category. Stardom for these guys didn’t come because of their skin colour rather it was as a result of their hard work.

Today on Phylix’s Blog list, we will be sharing with you guys, five biracial celebrities.

1. Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey Nouah needs no introduction as he is the golden ‘baby boy’ of Nollywood. From the moment the actor made his debut in the 1990s popular TV series ‘Fortunes‘ it was obvious a movie star was born. Since then there has been no stopping or holding back for Nouah.

Nouah was born to an Israeli dad and a Nigerian mum in Nigeria. During an interview a few years ago, Ramsey Nouah said his father had roots from three different countries.

He grew up in Nigeria. He, however, says his from Ondo state and has a Yoruba name, Tokunbo. The actor is married with three children.

2. Adunni Ade

If Adunni Ade is called one of the prettiest women in Nigeria, we don’t think anyone would argue about it. The gorgeous and talented actress was born in QueensNew York, United States to a German American mother and a Yoruba Nigerian father.

She, however, grew up in Nigeria and the United States of America respectively. After a stint in the corporate world in the United States, Ade moved back to Nigeria where she joined the bubbling Nollywood industry.

One amazing thing about Ade is her ability to interpret different roles in movies flawlessly. One moment she is the prime and proper princess and the next minute she is the lout and lousy lady trying to harm an intruder.

Adunni Ade is a single mother to two cute sons.

3. Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima is unarguably one of the most popular beauty queens to have emerged from Nigeria. The light-skinned, tall and beautiful lady was the toast of all the major beauty pageantries in the 1990s.

She won some, came second in others but one thing that she took away from all of these was a brand and name that would last her for a lifetime.

Born to a Nigerian Dad and Irish mom, Fiberesima was one of the biggest names in Nollywood in the 1990s and early 2000s. She has starred in several movies. She is also a former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

4. Eku Edewor

Being a media personality requires not just the eloquence but the boldness and finesse to stand anywhere and do the job. One person who has met all these requirements is Eku Edewor. The media personality has never failed to show why she gets all the major gigs with her flawless presenting skills.

A twin, Edewor was born to British dad, Hugh Thorley, and a Nigerian mum, Juliana Edewor. She had her education in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. It would surprise many that Edewor didn’t actually start her career as a presenter but as a model.

She has a degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies from Warwick University in Coventry, England.

5. Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze can be described as the epitome of what an On-Air personality should be. Students and OAPs wannabes should take a crash course on how Freeze was able to maintain dominance in the airwaves for over two decades and still counting.

Ifedayo Olarinde also known as Daddy Freeze was born to a Yoruba Nigerian dad and a Romanian mother in Cluj-NapocaRomania. He, however, grew up in Nigeria where he studied at the University of Ibadan.

He is one of the biggest names on the radio. Recently he announced that he was leaving Cool FM where he had worked for twenty years. Daddy Freeze is married with kids.