Here’s a first look at Segilola Ogidan’s directorial debut; ‘Tainted Canvas’.

Award winning actress, Segilola Ogidan has released the trailer for her upcoming film ‘Tainted Canvas’ starring Tina Mba, Kehinde Bankole and Efa Iwara.

Set in Lagos and London, the ‘Tainted Canvas’ trailer envelopes us in the striking emotional journey of its central character, Morayo, played bySegilola Ogidan.

Hit with artist’s block, Morayo, a London-based artist is forced to recall horrific childhood memories of her mother, Rose (Kehinde Bankole). She takes a journey back to Nigeria where she must fight to overcome the experiences that molded her damaged mental state.

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Tainted Canvas’, Ogidan admits that it’s loosely based on her childhood memories of Lagos and the need to speak up about child abuse and postpartum depression. Both topics spoken about in hush tones in Nigeria.

She shared: “I feel that a lot of abuse happened to a number of children not because their mothers didn’t care, but in fact because they were going through something of their own and on this occasion postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis”.

While an official release date remains unconfirmed, Ogidan has revealed that the film will premiere at international and local festivals before a prospective cinema release.