Good vibes, good music and good people was the major motive at the fifth edition of Green Camp.

On the 14th of December, 2019, thousands of youths gathered at the OG Wendy’s place to watch pure talent being showcased; a whole lot of artists, rappers, DJ’s hype men and other creatives had the opportunity to show off their talent to a listening and interested audience.

What’s Green camp all about? Green camp is a platform that gives creatives the opportunity to showcase their talent both offline and online and also helps them connect/interact with their old fans and gain new fans, and the event makes sure this is done.

The fifth edition of Green Camp was not any different from previous editions, it was pure vibes and a good time for everyone that attended.

The show kicked off with music from participants of the open mic competition; DJs also did what they had to do and give the people what they want, artists came on and the guest partied and vibed till the end of the show.

There was a pop up sale and plenty of “food” to eat.

Will there be more Green Camp events? Yes please, we’ll see you by 4/20.


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