Her real name is Apaokagi Maryam Adedoyin and she is a fast-rising online comedy sensation whose limitless talent is a blessing to her generation.

Born and raised in Ilorin, Kwara State, she had her early education in her birthplace and proceeded to Kwara State University where she obtained a Bachelors’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management.

She was reportedly discovered by her boyfriend who having seen the impressive genius within and encouraged her to start making comedy skits.

Heeding his words, Taaooma made her first skit in 2015 and came into the limelight with the video When Your Mum Drives You To School.

As an entertainer, Taaooma’s uniqueness is something to behold and her ability to easily evoke the laughter from viewers puts her at the forefront of her field.

The influx of the Yoruba dialect in her skits just elevates them to a whole new level of undiluted awesomeness. Taaooma is so original that you wonder who birthed someone so talented.

With her amazing acting skills, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the phenomenon that is the tiny comedian will shake the very foundations of the entertainment industry.

Personally, all I wanted to do was meet the talented comedian and find out how she became one of the most talked-about Instagram personalities in the country in less than two years.

“I never thought of making skits, it was never part of my plans until I met my boyfriend, Abula who is a music video director in Nigeria,” she said.

“So, I met and asked him to teach me how to make birthday videos, join pictures together and as a result, I started learning to edit and I started making skits to be able to learn to edit.

“Because I cannot just learn how to edit without clips, that was how I started making skits.”

True talent never hides and when an individual has that talent in abundance, the world has no choice but to stand back and gape in awe and wonder.

For everyone who has come across Taaooma’s skits on social media, her distinct and creative prowess can’t go unnoticed.

It was only normal for me to ask how she comes up with those insanely amazing ideas.

Taaooma: “I have my storybook, that’s what I call it. I just write stories, any ideas that come to my head and when it’s time for me to shoot, I just go through my stories and see which one I’m feeling at that moment,” 

“Because writing the stories down doesn’t mean you can feel it at that moment. So the ones that I feel are important are the ones I just shoot when I want to shoot.

“Since my storyline is always about African parents…and their acting and my mum also gives me a lot of stories sometimes.”

Taaooma gets a lot of slaps from her mother in all her skits which is one of the highpoints in her now-famous videos.

The comedian says the reason she includes the slap scenes is because a lot of her fans anticipate those scenes.

Taaooma: “I exaggerated the slaps for the sake of humour. Not like mum slaps every time like that although she nags and does all those things, I just added the slap as a signature to make the story funnier,”

“I noticed that people like the slap more and when I don’t even add the slaps to the skits, people will be like ‘why didn’t taaoo get slapped, so I decided to add them to all my skits as a signature.

“There are so many things that Taaoo would do that doesn’t warrant a slap but I have to add it to all of them. But that was not the way I was raised, not even close to it.”

Taaooma says she has received plenty of plaudits from people since she started making these skits.

According to her, putting a figure to the number of people she meets daily who have become friends, is an understatement.

Her Instagram following, interactions and engagements have massively increased on her page. I asked her when she realised that her skits were becoming very powerful and popular.

“I think it was when I uploaded the skit about when your mum drives you to school and everything started changing,” she said.

“And I never thought it was going to be this big or it was time just yet. I didn’t know the time had come for me to become Taaooma.”

Taaooma says she has a cordial relationship with other Instagram comedians but her concept makes her stand out.

Taaooma says she will not be trying her hands on it anytime soon because she is not a fan of standing in front of a lot of people.

For her future plans in comedy, Taaooma says she is planning to go into movie making.

“I don’t know what the future holds, although I want to go into making my movies with my own company, The Grenade Company which is an entertainment company on its own,” she said.

“Probably I’ll stay with making skits but would add other things later or it depends on what God says.

Taaooma had some advice for people who would love to be successful in social media comedy.

According to her, it doesn’t require tutoring. Rather, it is something you must desire first. She went on to say there might be times when giving up will be the only option but it shouldn’t be.

Finally, she said praying is also a major key to becoming successful at anything anyone sets their hearts to do.