Frederick Leonard plays Jesus in ‘Our Jesus Story’ directed by Tchidi Chikere and produced by Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche.

Director, Tchidi Chikere toes the ambitious route in his upcoming film ‘Our Jesus Story’. It’s a theme that’s seldomly explored- a Nigerian account of the trial and death of Jesus Christ

In the recently released trailer, Frederick Leonardis an afro-haired version of the Christian Messiah who replays the biblical account of his life, suffering and death.

The trailer for the upcoming Thriller also establishes a plot twist of ritual killings and a story of a Christian missionary trying to fight the system. It stars Eucharia Anunuobi, Zack Orji and Sam Dede and is billed to open in cinemas March 27, 2020.

Chikere is one of Nollywood home video industry’s most respected filmmakers with best selling films including ‘Blood Sisters’(2003), ‘Stronger than Pain’ (2008), ‘Dumebi’ (2013) among others.

Producer, Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche on the other hand, is a veteran home video movie producer with credits for major hit movies including ‘Oracle’ (1998), ‘Abuja Connection’ (2003), and ‘Only Love’ (2005).