Teni Entertainer was a guest at Ebuka’s Rubbin Mind show where she got to talk about her style and relationship with sister, Niniola.

Niniola says her sister and music star, Niniola has always been the pretty one in the family.

The music star made this known while chatting with Ebuka on his show Rubbin Minds. Ebuka asked her if she has always been different from her sister in terms of music and style or it was intentional.

According to her, while growing up, all she wanted to do was play basketball, football, and video games while Niniola was the pretty introverted one.

It wasn’t intentional, I have always been different. Nini has always been the pretty type. Me I have always been the Jaga Jaga…I’ll play basketball, come back home, go back and play soccer then come and play games. I am an extrovert and Nini is more like an introvert. Music made her come out more. We are just two different people,” she said.

She also went on talk about their relationship and how cordial it has been. According to her, family comes first before music hence the reason they both have no friction.

Ebuka went on to ask the award-winning singer if she feels pressured to look girlie since the assumption around town is that, female singers are supposed to use their music to sell sex.

“I’m human and this is how I have chosen to be. To not expose my skin, to just be comfortable with my shirt and shoes, I like to be comfortable. So the most important thing for me is living me and being happy with what I do. As long as I’m not hurting anybody, I don’t care what people have to say.

“But a lot of people are pressured to show their skin because it is to impress the men. But music is not about impressing anyone, music is for the soul, its about the things you cant touch. So my own is to make the music and every other thing will fall in place,” she said.

When asked about what her thoughts were on celebrities and the need for a bit of controversy in their lifestyles, Teni said the talent would last longer the controversies.

She gave an instance of legendary singer Bob Marley who she said still reigns to date because and not his controversial moments.