Toke Makinwa is shaking a table that has a lot of women including herself on it.

Toke Makinwa has advised single women to go out more as it would be difficult for them to meet a partner if they stay indoors.

The multi-talented media personality made this known while shooting a short video dedicated to women who don’t go out to socialise but expect to meet a partner.
This video is to shade myself and anyone on this table. I’m just going to say it as it is. Husband is not going to fly inside the roof to find you. Dates are not going to come knocking on our doors.
You know we keep saying, how am I going to meet people including myself ill be forced to say ‘oh I don’t meet anyone that because I’m single’ that’s not to say that I may really searching but a girl can go to a date, go to the cinema, go dancing, meet someone that she likes.
We are always saying we don’t meet people but we don’t go out, myself included on this table. When a guy says ‘what are you doing later?’ I find like ten reasons not to go out… let’s change for the better, how are we going to meet people, this is 2020,” she said.
Makinwa might be one of your favourite celebrities for many reasons including dishing out advises and sometimes comments that people find controversial.
The last time the OAP made a controversial statement that got everyone talking was a few months ago when she shared a photo of herself wearing one of her daring outfits.