Filmmaker/actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju has been unveiled as the producer for Trino Pictures’ upcoming romantic comedy ‘ The One for Sarah.

Nollywood film production company, Trino Pictures (‘Three Thieves’, ‘Sylvia’) is gearing up for its 4th feature film ‘The One for Sarah’, a romantic comedy written by Egbemawei Dimiyei.

The feature film tells the story of a woman who survives emotional abuse, learns to re-discover her self-worth and finds love.

While the cast list is yet to be unveiled, principal photography has been confirmed to kick off in a few weeks. Lyndsey Efejuku will take up the directorial chair and Kemi Lala Akindoju will double as Producer and Casting Director.

Speaking on the upcoming rom-com, Efejuku shared ” ‘The One for Sarah’ is about letting go of your fears and taking a chance on life and love”. She added, “The story shows romance and love, however, I believe the underlying theme goes further to encourage everyone who’s survived any form of emotional abuse to keep going.