Juliet Ibrahim says any man who isn’t ready to add value to a woman should admire from afar.

Juliet Ibrahim has advised men who have no plans to add any value to a woman’s life to stay away and not interrupt her greatness.

The actress gave this warning via her Instagram page on Wednesday 26, 2020. According to her, it safe to admire from afar as a man if you don’t plan to bring value to a woman’s life.
“If you see a woman that has everything going for herself and you’re not ready or going to add value to her life, please my brother just admire her from far. Don’t interrupt her greatness,” she wrote.
Well, we guess Juliet’s latest advise has been well served to everyone who is on this table. So we all know, for any guy who already knows what he is bringing to the table, Juliet Ibrahim is open to getting back into a relationship and fall in love.

The gorgeous Ghanaian actress made this known back in December 2019 where she prayed that her next relationship will be the one she has always prayed for.

“May my next relationship be my “ I remember praying for this “ Amen. 2020 I’m ready to give love a chance again. I have grown Wiser, smarter, emotionally ready, I’m aware of my tolerance level, won’t settle for less than I deserve, I know my worth and definitely understand how to add tax to my worth going forward,” she said.

It’s 2020 already and hope Juliet’s prayers are already answered or at least close to being a reality.