The song is blessed with an impressive hook and the powers of ‘I Love You.’

Date: February 14, 2020

Song Title: You

Artist: Omah Lay

Genre: R&B, Synth Pop, Dancehall

Producer: TBA

Album: TBA

Video Director: TBA

Label: Keyqaad

Details/Takeaway: A lot of times, the music is good, but it lacks resonance. Built on an R&B rhythm that rides dancehall progression and percussion, Omah Lay sings his heart out in his pungent vocals.Asides the very defly produced beat, Omah Lay is a master with everything associated with this song’s hook.

It doesn’t matter what the verse represents, Omah Lay kills the bridge and the hook as he ‘washes’ a faceless woman with the ‘demonic’ throes of lyrical poetry. The message is also central, “I Love You.”

You can listen to the song below;