TBoss is crying out over the constant bullying her daughter is faced with on social media.

One video that kept a lot of people glued to their phones over the weekend was that of former Big Brother Naija reality TV star, TBoss weeping over the bullying her child has faced on social media for a while.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram Live on Sunday, February 16, 2020, where she slammed those who have called her daughter ugly. The mother of one said despite the insults she has been getting over her child, she remains her greatest and biggest achievement so far in life.
“You have a very unspecial and ugly child. Leave her like that for me. This is the best thing that has happened to me. I am a very proud single mother. I have amazing friends and they love her so much. My baby has so many aunties who genuinely love her and take care of her. My child is my greatest achievement. my biggest blessing and I love her so much. For you to come and tell me that my child is not special, you will not carry your child,” she said.

A visibly angry TBoss said she was shocked that people would casually walk into her comments section and say hurtful things about her child.

“You cannot casually walk into my page for me to come and see, do you have a brain? How can you do that? People need to be mindful of the things they go and say. You might know me as TBoss the celebrity but I have been TBoss, the big sister, TBoss the loudmouth, TBoss the friend to my family and friends forever. And apart from that, I’m a very emotional person. I have a reckless mouth so I try my best to behave myself because my mouth puts me in trouble because no matter what I say, I would be misinterpreted,” she said

TBoss made the headlines in 2019 after it was revealed that she was heavily pregnant. First were the rumours of who the father of the then-unborn baby was. This was followed by several speculations about the arrival of the baby.

However, in August 2019, she finally announced the arrival of her baby on Instagram. According to her, she was excited about the reception she has been receiving fans and friends since the arrival of her baby. She went on to debunk the photo of a baby that was been shared around on social media as her child.