Yul Edochie has a message for both the married and soon to be married folks.

Yul Edochie says even though a man is the head of the house, a woman should be seen as a partner and not a person to be controlled.

The actor and politician made this known via his Twitter page on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. According to him, rather than control a woman, she should be involved in a man’s business decisions.

“The man is the head of the home. That’s certain. But women should be seen as partners, not people that must be controlled. If you have a good woman, involve her in ur business, seek her opinion on different issues, believe me, you’ll be amazed at your progress. Women get power oo!” he tweeted.

As usual, tweets like this that talk about gender equality always generates a lot of reactions. Fans and followers of Yul have all shared that views on the tweet via the comments section.

While Yul Edochie’s tweet appears to be preaching gender equality, his father, the legendary actor, Pete Edochie, on the other hand, made some comments weeks ago that got a lot of people talking.

The veteran actor while granting an interview where he got to speak about the Igbo tradition, said it is totally wrong for an Igbo man to kneel and propose to a woman before marriage. According to him, if a man decides to kneel and propose to a woman then he has made her the head of the family.