Here is all you need to know about the sixteen ladies and gentlemen taking part in the first season of Ultimate Love.

The maiden season of Nigeria’s first love reality TV show, Ultimate Love, kicked off on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

The sixteen love guests selected to take part in the fun and interesting hunt for love have very unique characteristics that we find alluring. If you watched the premiere of the show, you’d notice that some of these guys are naturally laid back while others are going to be the life of the ‘Love Pad.’

These guys basically represent every part of the country and career sectors. From medical doctors, journalists to even an actor, the mix will certainly give the show a different feel. While we hope these guys find love, it is also important they have fun. Okay guys, here is all you need to know about the sixteen ‘Love guests’ at the ‘Love Pad.’

1. Iyke

He might be young, but age ain’t nothing but a number for 24-year-old Iyke! The youthful charmer knows exactly what he’s looking for on. Iyke believes that just saying the nice things at the right time is a huge turn-on for him.

2. Jay

Jay is a 35-year-old engineer from Ebonyi state. For Jay, Love is all about attraction. Attraction sets the mood for mental and physical energy to grow. Jay says he won’t be pretending in the house as they will only be seeing the real Jay…no gimmicks.

3. Louis

The 33-year-old broadcast content creator hopes to find the love of his life in the Ultimate Love reality show. However, he thinks if he meets someone immediately, he knows if they are going to far instantly.

4. Nkechi

For Nkechi, Ultimate Love is finding a life partner that would last for eternity. The 29-year-old senior marketing executive believes in small gestures like gifts. ”I love surprises! You can surprise me with a bouquet or whatever accessory that would please me. Just something nice o.”

5. Theresa

She may be a city girl but tradition reigns supreme in this Love Guest’s world. An optometrist by profession, Theresa is ready to see her future with the perfect somebody. Probably the youngest in the pad, Theresa says she won’t be having sex during the course of the show.

6. David

Obviously one of the cutest guys in the house, David is certainly going to be one of the most interesting figures in the house. The 34-year-old MC who hails from Bayelsa state says he thinks the idea of equality amongst partners should be the norm rather than the old school style of handling marriages.

7. Michael

Well, Michael thinks one of his best physical qualities is his looks, we will be leaving that for the ladies in the house to judge. Even though he is a journalist, he hopes to find the love of his life outside his journals. One interesting thing about Michael is the fact that he is very traditionally updated for his age.

8. Cherry

We guess Cherry’s busy schedule is the reason she hasn’t been able to lay hold of the man of her dreams. However, the 30-year-old medical doctor hopes to fall hopelessly in love during her stay in the love pad. Quick one…she has a very cute smile, guys!

9. Ebiteinye

She is beautiful, chubby and has a smile that can lit any room. Ebiteinye is a trained accountant but wants the numbers she really wants right her now are days to her wedding and months of her wedding anniversary.

10. Bolanle

Bolanle might be 35 but she certainly has the look and body of a 24-year-old woman. The serial entrepreneur is ready to meet the one in the house but wants to also have fun while connecting with the other guys.

11. Obichukwu

Obichukwu is a specialist in selling cellphones and gadgets but wants to spend more time on the phone with the love of his life rather than just issue reciepts. We hope he finds love in the house and gets to keep that one phone number for the rest of his life.

12. Kachi

Kachi is not your regular digital entrepreneur as he has made some cool cash and is ready to find love. For Kachi, Ultimate Love means forever and eternity. We hope he finds his forever and eternity while in the Love Pad.

13. Arnold

Arnold isn’t a newcomer to the TV screens as he is a known actor and singer. Well, we think Arnold is done with the ‘baby boy’ lifestyle and is set to tie the knot. According to him, he is ready to do anything to find love in the pad and hopes he achieves that.

14. Rosie

Unarguably one of the prettiest ladies in the pad, Rosie is ready to become the lady of the house. Despite a failed relationship that lasted for 12 years, the preschool teacher isn’t giving up on finding the one…we are rooting for you!

15. Chris

Chris is the typical beauty with brains and for us, that would be one of her major selling points in the pad. The 35 years old brand architect believes in the African tradition in the house. She, however, knows what she is seeking for in a partner and won’t be missing it this time around.

16. Jenny

Jenny sells traditional fabrics for a living but we think she ready to buy the one needed for her wedding. Jenny Koko as she is fondly called by her dad, says she auditioned for the Ultimate Love reality show because her grandma said she should do so before the oil dries up.