Seun Kuti slams the Lagos state government over its decision to ban Okadas in the state.

Seun Kuti has called out the Lagos state government over the ban of Okada (Motorcycles) used in transporting passengers around the state.

The award-winning music star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, where he expressed his disappointment at the government over its decision on suspending the use of Okada as a means of transportation in the state.

Nigerian professionals have shown their true colors again as largely oppressors in waiting. Children dying in the hospital every day they don’t care. Miseducated and undereducated children they don’t care. Police brutality, no outrage but tell them to walk from bus stop to the office oh no the worst has happened!!!

If u wish for your children or loved ones to be Okada and Keke riders please raise up your hand! We know these ain’t jobs. We pacify those we have failed with slave labor and slave wages and we are ready to fight for them to continue slaving away!! #getthesax,” he wrote.

Seun Kuti joins the millions of Nigerians who have criticised the government’s decision to ban Okada as a means of transportation in Lagos state. It is no surprise that Seun Kuti has aired his view on this issue because he is known to be quite vocal when it comes to trending topics in the country.

Recall in 2019 when a shocking revelation was made about the sex for grades scandal in some universities across the country, he was one of the celebs who openly condemned the nefarious act.

His comments on the sex for grades scandal…

After the now-famous documentary exposing sexual assault and harassment being melted on female students in the universities in West Africa was released in 2019, several celebrities joined on the conversation, condemning the act.

Seun Kuti Twitter page on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, to tweet about his shock over the silence of the minister of education and that of the academic union. For Seun, it is surprising that ASUU becomes only very active when it is time to protest over salary issuers but would rather keep quiet when one of their members gets caught in a scandal.