Behind The Story, hosted by MTV VJ Sammy Walsh delves into the personal life of the biggest artists in Nigeria.

Digging into their past, present and future, getting into their minds and discovering what exactly makes them tick, how they think and how they overcome challenges.

In the second episode of Behind The Story season 2, Sammy Walsh will be getting behind 2Baba’s boyish charm and good looks, and asking him the hard questions.

The show is guided by two rules, “not to evade any questions” and “to tell the truth”.

2Baba will be sharing deep insight into his past, his struggles with how he has been judged harshly by the public for his personal life, how he has overcome some of his biggest challenges and sharing some never before shared truths.

Speaking on what the last decade was like for him, the legend said, “It wasn’t easy. Some people focused on my belle matter more than they did on me, there was so much negative press and negative representation of me. I had to re-convince people that I’m more than that.

He also talked about the sacrifices he had to make for fame, his relationship with his wife, Annie Idibia and the mothers of his other children, the things he wishes he had done differently and more.

Last week, Teni the Entertainer was on Behind The Story sharing her experience so far in the limelight and how social media trolls have nothing on her.

She shared how growing up around several siblings – she has 9 and she is the 9th child in the family – cousins and relatives had a strong impact on her life and how the loss of her dad at a very early age affected her.
This season of Behind The Story promises to be insightful and revealing with the biggest acts in Nigeria sharing some of their deepest challenges and struggles.

MTV Base Behind The Story season 2 continues today, Tuesday, January 28, 2020 on MTV Base channel 322 on DStv and channel 72 on GOtv.

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