In what looked like a call for truce, South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes professionally known as AKA has described Burna Boy as a champion.

Phylix’s Blog recall that Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy and the South African rapper were at war over the last xenophobic attack in South Africa.

Burna Boy had threatened to deal with AKA for his choice of words while AKA dared Burna Boy to step foot in South Africa, however, requested that Burna Boy should apologise to South Africans before stepping into the country for an event.

Following the Grammy Awards event, a fan of Burna Boy had threatened to mock AKA if Burna Boy had won but AKA responded with words of truce.

Mrs_Me7 tweeted “If Burna Boy wins grammy like this, We trolling AKA and S.A till the next grammy awards.”

AKA responded saying “What you should have done is focus on the positive instead of thinking about me and my country.

In any case, Burna is still a champion. We still consider him a winner.”

A twitter user, Mobamz also trolled AKA saying “If Burna should win that grammy award, what am I saying. When Burna wins that grammy tonight AKA will be sent back to his village on credit by Nigerians.”

AKA then tweeted “I never hated Burna Boy. All I did was stand up for my country.

“I think it’s time to move past this narrative. Like I said, even a nomination is a huge achievement.”