What seemed like a long wait for fans of American rapper, Future, proved to be a worthy one when on the night of December 29, 2019 at the Eko Convention centre, he brought the roof down with energetic performances and an eclectic mix of some of his popular songs.

The 36-year-old had been announced as headliner weeks ago and true to his controversial nature, he arrived Lagos and settled at the Eko Hotels and Suites the night before, with his rumoured girlfriend, Lori Harvey, a news that got tongues wagging but not even that will take attention away from the beauty of the concert.

The night had opened with the trio of Wale TurnerOxlade and Alternative Soundserenading the audience with their sultry voices and leading everyone into what will later turn into an ecstatic affair. Dr Sid’s performance of his Surulere, Kabiyesi, Up to something and Pop champagne hit songs further switched things up with after which Pepenazi took it notches higher, setting the tone for Future’s grand entrance that finally got the audience on their feet, screaming and dancing as though they truly Woke in a new bugatti.

Just when the audience were starting to catch their breath, Future continued with more exciting performances. The delivery of his Two’s Up track followed by Ex-bitch, Trappers, No matter what and Low Life, took everyone present to a whole New Level and when he continued with Spin the block, Love Me, MoneyBagg Yo and Lit Up, the hall had become a heaven of some sort, housing good sound and a happy crowd.

Rema with his performance of Lady and Dumebi, came to the rescue but even this was short lived as immediately Future returned on stage, this time shirtless, the audience reverted and continued to jump and sing along to the tunes of March Madness, Mask off, Incredible, Turn on the Lights, My Savages and of course, the wonder hit, I got the keys which had guests showing off their imaginary keys.

The night turned out to be not just about music and performances but a lot about delightful surprises as one lucky winner was rewarded with a sum of N1,250,000 by First Bank who were sponsors of the concert alongside Pepsi, Master Card, Star Lager and Hennessy.


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