SperoachBeatz, producer of one of the biggest songs in 2018 and 2019 respectively with ‘Assurance’ and ‘Risky’ by Davido speaks on how he created the beat.

Davidos Assurance became an instant hit when it was released in April 2018 and the producer, SperoachBeatz says it took him an hour to put the instrumental together.

During an exclusive interview with Phylix’s Blog, where he also took us through the stage by stage process of making the instrumental, Obi Prosper popularly known as SperoachBeatz disclosed how long it took him to create the beat and why Davido was the only artist that could do justice to the instrumental.

He also spoke on how he started his career, his relationship with Abuja based producer, GospelOnDeBeatz and becoming a member of the Davido’s DMW family.

Following his careers defining 2017 run, Davido really needed to kick off 2018 with a serious bang. His first single of the year, the forgettable “Flora My Flawa”, almost derailed all his hard earned momentum, but luckily for him, that’s when he met obi Proper. (aka SperoachBeatz).

On producing ‘Assurance’ for Davido

”I made this beat in one hour, the idea and everything came up in less than one hour and I played it for Peruzzi, who took it to Davido and immediately he came in and jumped on it.

‘To be very honest, when I was making this beat, the only person in Africa that came to my mind was Davido, I knew he would do justice to it.

This song actually changed my life, like the kind of people that write me, big music heads who now call me to work with me, and the production fee self has increased oh, I can”t lie.”

On his relationship with GospelOnDeBeatz

SperoachBeatz also discussed his relationship with GospelOnDeBeatz who produced the hit single, All Of You off Davido’s debut album, Omo Baba Olowo,

Gospel is actually my immediate elder brother and the person who inspired me to take to production but I felt if I learnt under him, I would have taken it for granted and not faced it seriously.

I was just bored at home one day, and I went to fellow producer, , who put me through the basics, I worked with him for two years before going back to my brother, and I have been producing professionally since 2013.”

How he met with Davido

”Two years ago, myself and Peruzzi were in Abuja, shortly after we dropped the video, For Your Pocket, which was produced by me, when Davido liked his video on Instagram, seconds later, he started following him.

Then after the 30 Billion Gang Tour, Peruzzi met with Davido, next thing,he was signed to DMW and being Peruzzi’s producer, I automatically became a member of the gang.”

While most Nigerian producers can only hope to score just one song as big as “Assurance” in a calendar year, the talented SperoachBeatz was fortunate enough to land an even bigger and better follow-up track: 2Baba and Peruzzi’s “Amaka”.

Speaking about making “Amaka” and working with a legend like 2Baba, SperoachBeatz said:

“Mindblowing. The vibe was great. I went to meet Peruzzi one evening, and I met 2Baba there. The three of us ended up catching the vibe.

I was making the instrumental while 2baba and Peruzzi were giving to it as well, and ‘Amaka’ was recorded at the end of the day.”

Although they are certainly the biggest, “Amaka” and “Assurance” aren’t the only gems SperoachBeatz has delivered so far. He produced “Kpa”, the infectious standout track off Dremo’s debut EP; and even co-produced Davido’s hit song “Nwa Baby”.

He told us he decided to go into producing because he needed to change the “wrong sound” he was consistently hearing. Well, with him championing a fresh afropop sound, it’s safe to say he has achieved that goal, and he shows no signs of stopping.

“I made this beat around 3am in the morning” – Speroachbeatz

The new single sees the Nigerian heavyweight connecting with Jamaican star Popcaan as they both go in over afrofusion-meets-dancehall beat work. It was produced by DMW’s in-house beatmaker Speroach Beatz.

The deployment of Speeroach Beatz was like the best thing that could have happened to that song, well other Producer might have done wondrous stuff with the song too, but with Speroach groovy beat, it gave it that Party-starting touch it needed to sync into many music lovers heart at first hearing.

The Nigerian popstar turned the rejected stone to the pillar. He made a classic tune out of the freestyle everyone rejected. In his words, he said, “What you all laughed at !! You will dance to !!#RISKY”. As promised, he ensured “Risky” was groovy, touching, story telling and had that evergreen touch. This is definitely one of his best songs off his sophomore album. The Jamaican singer “Popcaan” ensured the beauty behind the speroach produced beat was felt.

The track comes accompanied by a new London-shot music video directed by Meji Alabi, featuring the two stars.

The music video appears to be a nod to the popular Netflix series “Top Boy,” as it takes place in a similar East London housing estate setting, where an undercover informant is watching their every move.

The video opens with a tense diner scene where Popcaan and Davido go to exchange some words (much like a popular scene in Top Boy season 3 between main characters Jamie and Dushane). But while the characters in Top Boy battle over drug territory, it seems Popcaan and Davido are in a tiff over a girl, who turns out to be an informant.

Remember, he told us he decided to go into producing because he needed to change the “wrong sound” he was consistently hearing. Well, with him championing a fresh afropop sound, it’s safe to say he has achieved that goal, and he shows no signs of stopping.