These women are hot, have the raunchiest photos on social media, the guys love them and they are Phylix’s Blog hottest female celebrities of 2019.

Celebrities do not garner and hold on to fans just because of what they do. No matter how good they are singing, rapping, modelling, acting, etc, celebrities need more than just their arts to have people worship them.

Sometimes, it’s their body, the way they carry themselves and the sexiness they exude.

We have such celebrities in Nigeria and to round up the year, we are looking at the 2019 hottest Nigeria female celebrities.

Criteria used for this list include sex appeal, social media presence, fashion credibility, and influence.

1. Tacha

Tacha is the phenomenon that doesn’t seem like it will be dimming anytime soon. Based in Port Harcourt, Tacha first became well-known on Instagram because of her fearless bearing. She isn’t scared to reveal her body on Instagram and gave daring opinions about sex and her sexuality.

Yet, she didn’t appeal to many because of how poor she presented herself.

This remained with her when she entered the Big Brother Naija house where she put off a lot of people with her rude and conceited demeanour.

Yet, as many despised her, even more, loved her and soon enough she became the most talked about person on the show. Two months after the show and despite not being the winner, she remains the most relevant 2019 Big Brother Naija housemate.

Tacha’s strength has been her daring personality which has made her a force in the Nigerian entertainment space. Everything good about her has now come to fore; her beauty, her personality and the force of a woman that she is.

Tacha is Phylix’s Blog Sexiest Nigerian female celebrity of 2019.

2. Mercy Eke

No one cared whether it was real or fake, Mercy Eke’s derrière was one of her selling points when she entered the 2019 Big Brother Naija house as one of the contestants.

From the moment she stepped into the arena wearing a black see-through sequin dress, she wasn’t hard to miss.

From her on-screen romance with Ike to her stoke up wardrobe stoke up, Mercy showed that she cared about the way she looks and how people see her.

She went on to win the show and since then her celebrity status has gone up.

3. Yemi Alade

At the age of 30, Yemi Alade is showing no signs of slowing down as she continues to exude sexiness.

Yemi Alade carries her thick body well, staying on all our necks all year with her well-trimmed thighs.

The musician who spent the better part of 2019 touring the world and making good music still takes time out to spoil her fans with those racy photos that leave the guys drooling. Yemi Alade doesn’t look like she will be taking a break from being in our faces with all that gorgeousness.

4. Kim Oprah

Kim Oprah didn’t stay long during her stint at this year’s season of Big Brother Naija but one thing was sure, she was noticed. Everyone wanted to know the young lady was. The former beauty queen despite begin a private person couldn’t hide from the craving eyes of admirers.

She has mastered the acts of working her slender frame to perfection. Kim Oprah’s Instagram photos remind us of the good girl gone good/bad…whichever way you see it.

5. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage invented sexy in the Nigerian music scene and 10 years later, she’s still the cream of the crop in the list of sexiest Nigerian female celebrities.

Just as she did when she first emerged, Tiwa is still pushing the walls on how women should be seen in Nigeria. She isn’t scared to express herself with what she wears or who she wants to associate as in the case of her friendship with Wizkid.

This is what stands her out. She has never been held back by societal standards and acceptance. She has been who she is, Tiwa, and that has been audaciously sexy.

6. Toke Makinwa

For many, Toke Makinwa is Nigeria’s biggest female media personality. She has like the popular ‘Jack of all trades,’ She’s got her name in a couple of movies, has a successful vlog, a business and doubles as one of the coolest OAPs in the country.

We don’t need to write much about Toke’s relevance when it comes to being a fashionista and sexy woman. Toke’s Instagram page speaks volumes of how she has become one of the sexiest women in this country. Toke Makinwa left everyone mesmerized in 2019 when she shared some bikini photos in an attempt to break the Internet and boy oh boy she did shatter it.

7. Nancy Isime

2019 was the year for Isime. After working her way up, she is now getting recognition for her work as a TV host and presenter.

She is bold with her fashion choices and her signature low cut-and tinted hairstyle gives her a carefree look. And then that smile! Don’t stop wearing them, Nancy.

8. Niniola

There is no stopping Niniola in whatever she has continued to do since her breakthrough. She keeps pushing the boundaries through her music but it is also how she has defined beauty in her standards that have made her stand out.

She wears her sexiness the way she wants without following a template. From the way she moves on stage to her photos on Instagram, all we see is a woman who is comfortable in her skin and body.

How she’s able to carry herself with all that thickness remains a mystery.

9. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji needs no introduction. She is one of the biggest celebrities to have come from Nigeria and at 40, she has shown no sign of slowing down.

She hasn’t aged one bit, leaving everyone with the question “What special routine does this woman take?”

For Genevieve, it has never been about wearing revealing stuff or a demeanour with an overly sexual overtone. It’s more about the class she oozes, the independent woman that she is and how exceptionally talented she is.

10. Mercy Aigbe


Mercy Aigbe is another woman who has continued to surprise many as to how she has remained sexy and beautiful even on the other side of 40.

Mercy is the complete package. From her fashion sense to beauty, she has continued to show that being sexy is not just about revealing much of your body.