Whether you have plans to go out, travel or stay indoors this Christmas, Christmas movies help to amplify the ambience of the season and spread that Christmas spirit.

Here are 12 Christmas movies you can watch with your family this year.

12 Christmas movies to watch: Classics, New and Upcoming

The following are movies to watch this Christmas.

  1. Chief Daddy

This movie follows a billionaire character named Chief Beecroft, known for his generosity and his place in society as a giver. He provides financial support for a large number of people including mistresses, household staff, and members of his extended family. But when Chief Beecroft suddenly dies, the family is thrown into confusion. As a result, they take decisions that cause more harm than good.

2.Jumanji 2 & 3

This one will keep you glued to your television screen this Christmas and it will be released this December. Also, you are sure to have a wonderful and entertaining time when the cast of any movie includes Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. Christmas just got better.

3.Wives on Strike

Wives on Strike looks at the life of a group of women including Toyin Aimakhu, Uche Jumbo, Chioma Chukwuka. These women get fed up with their husbands’ problems. As a result, they decide to punish their husbands. Find out how.

4.The Bridge

In the mood to see some romance on the screen this Christmas? The Bridge will keep you interested. It features our very own Chidinma and Demola, two young people in love. But unfortunately, their parents have very different plans. What will the young couple do? Find out with your family this Christmas.

5.Heaven on my Mind

This one promises to be the kind of movie that entertains and educate. It follows the life of a man who treats marriage as a transaction. For a wife, he has a very sexy and intelligent woman who refuses him sex.

6.A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

This movie will leave you with all kinds of beautiful feelings. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is light and it entertains. This movie will teach you why you should remember what you used to be like as a kid, to be a better person in the present. A must-watch for the Christmas holiday.

7.Power of 1

Power of 1 is partly inspired by the true life of Nigerian superstar Innocent “2Face” Idibia. It follows a musician who uses his songs for activism and social justice. He soon finds himself and his family in trouble. 2Face’s wife Annie Idibia also stars in the movie. This is a chance to draw from someone’s life this Christmas.

8.Little women

This is a story of survival. In this movie, four sisters live in New England, while their father is off fighting in the Civil War. The sisters struggle to support themselves and keep their household running even though the family recently lost their fortune. In the process, they become close friends with their wealthy neighbour, Theodore Laurence, known as “Laurie.” As the girls grow older, each faces her demons and moral challenges.

9.Up North

Most Nigerian movies centre too much on Lagos. If you’re a Nigerian parent who has never travelled to the north of the country before, this is a chance to see the north on the screen. This one focuses on Northern Nigeria. It follows the story of Bassey who goes to Bauchi to do his NYSC for disobeying his father. Banky W plays the role of Bassey.

10.Home Alone

Many of us remember this Christmas favourite. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this funny movie this Christmas. Even better if you or your kid haven’t seen it. The story is about a young boy whose family left him at home during Christmas and travelled to Europe. At first, the boy welcomes this development but is soon scared when he learns the house is a target for burglars.

11.The Visit

The Visit, written by Biodun Stephen, follows the story of a couple Chidi and Eugenia, who are conservative in their marriage. They realise that their marriage has secrets when a wild and free couple moves in next door. Will their marriage survive?

12.Road to yesterday

Road to Yesterday features the queen herself, Genevieve Nnaji. This Christmas, this movie will show you a thing or two about finding love again as a couple. It follows the story of a struggling couple who find love again on a road trip.

So have yourself a movie-full Christmas with this selection.

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