Who are you?
The need for absolution
The need to know we are accepted
In desperation we act
The societal believe our priority

A reflection of the set standard
Or an attempt of it

The feeling of nothingness
The feeling of doubt
The feeling of deceit to oneself
In the final moments
Will you still be a lie?

Everybody wants to be rich

The idea of poverty drives every sane person nuts
I, for one, don’t want to end up nuts
An accomplished individual said “regardless of what life swings at you, just make sure you swing back twice as hard”
Bullshit right?
He only said that because he made it

I say be greedy, Dodge what life swings at you
Strength is not found in all, trust me.
Life doesn’t play fair in the distribution of wealth
So why should you?
Even Karl doesn’t believe in marxism
Be a fucking Adolf, show the world your inner hitler.



Jimmy is on-air personality, writer, poet, great thinker and a public analyst.