An indigene of Ogun state, who was born Adedamola Adefolahan in the mid-90s, Fireboy DML says his decision to solely sing Afropop genre that makes sense all the time is to stand him apart and make him unique. After his hit song, ‘Jealous’, Fireboy DML rose to instant limelight and got many people searching to know about him.
The young artist is currently signed to the YBNL and is no doubt one of the best, at least judging with his other songs. Fireboy DML is one of the most exciting newcomers working today, and he saw a well-deserved rise to prominence following his breakout hit, “Jealous”. Now, he’s circling back to his underheard 2018 single, “King”, dropping a stunning video for the equally stunning song. Fireboy is afro with a touch of every genre you can think imagine, he however prefers to call his music afro-life.

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– Phylix’s Blog: Considering the rate at which your single ‘Jealous’ is gaining traction in an industry where quick bucks and fame seem to have relegated learning of the essential craft of the music industry to a back-burner @Fireboy DML , what can you say about your transitioning to a signed artist?

Fireboy DML: Despite the fact that I am gifted with an inborn ability to sing, I had to practice and relearn how to perfectly deliver faultless vocals and how to become a respected songwriter.
From patiently waiting for opportunities, to record in studios and dropping most of the songs on sound cloud, I hustled my way up. With hard work and mentions from those that supported my craft, the opportunity to sign for YBNL finally came calling and here we are with the single ‘Jealous’. I never gave up on myself. To God be the Glory!

– Phylix’s Blog: Is it true that your addiction to a girl inspired the song: ‘Jealous’ ?

Fireboy DML: Yeah! ‘Jealous’ was inspired by a personal experience. I had a roller-coaster affair with a young lady that turned into an unhealthy addiction. I wanted to relieve the experience in a song, so I did.

Phylix’s Blog: So, On what ground makes you a remarkable singer ?

Fireboy DML: I am obsessed with being different in everything I do, so when I make music, I always have it in mind to do it differently. That is what drives me every time.

Phylix’s Blog: Can you share the strangest experience you ever had with a fan??

Fireboy DML: “Dealing with fans is a delicate thing. I once met a fan that saw me at a mall and started screaming and at the same time singing almost all my songs right there. People stopped to watch. I was embarrassed and didn’t know how to react, so I just politely stopped him and greeted him. It was a weird but emotional moment for me.”

Phylix’s Blog: Talking about the sound of your genre, why only Afropop ?

Fireboy DML: Basically, I do Afropop. I started with Afropop and along the line, I realised that there are a lot of Afropop artists, A-list ones, big artists, so if anyone wants to listen to Afropop, they will go for those ones, they have their choices. So I said, I have to have something that sets me apart, so I decided to do Afropop that makes sense most of the time and all the time”.

Phylix’s Blog: So, since music has always been an innate thing, why didn’t you embrace the mainstream and professionalism of it (music) until you got Admission @Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife to study English language?

Fireboy DML: Yeah! the thing is I knew I could sing at a very young age but I did not know I had to go into it professionally until I was in school.”
“My part one in the university was good but in my part two, I focused so much on music that it affected my education a bit but I knew I had to find a balance but I won’t lie, I gave my all to the music.”

Phylix’s Blog: hmmm.. So, back to that hit song ‘Jealous’ do you have any other story or experience that has birthed the song? Because most people feel its a heartbreak song or something!

Fireboy DML: Jealous is not a heartbreak song, it’s not a love song. It’s a song about an experience I had with someone who is not even mine, I was getting possessive, obsessive and jealous. So, I just decided to write about it to relieve the experience. I didn’t write it for anybody in particular, it was just for the experience.

Phylix’s Blog: Yah! Can you give us an insight on how you got signed to Olamide’s Music imprint – YBNL ?

Fireboy DML: “Olamide actually reached out to me himself. He explained how much he believed in my dream and said he wanted to make things happen for me. I couldn’t refuse.”

Olamide is not living any stone unturned in making a star out of Fireboy, who has dropped his third visuals and single on the imprint of YBNL.

Fireboy is still a new artist and is yet to drop an album.
Some of his other songs include:
• Don’t Say No
• G-strings
• You
• King
• Ajoke
• I’ll Be Fine
• Star
• Give Me Love

You can get Fireboy on:
Twitter @FireboyDML
Instagram @FireboyDML

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