En camino!

Alas Ministerial list! we all happy yeah? but the current ministerial list is a direct confirmation that Buhari does not only court corrupt individuals but also wines and dines with known corrupt personalities. The ministerial list is a further confirmation of General Buhari’s insincerity and incompetence. I make bold to say that there is indeed no hope for Nigeria as long as Gen Buhari remains the President (albeit illegally). If Buhari has any modicum of integrity as often claimed, most of the names that populated his new ministerial list would by now be in jail. However, he rewards and celebrates looters. Buhari must stop his pretense about fighting corruption. The list shows that he is rather a collaborator and supporter of corruption and corrupt persons in his government and the country.

And Nigerians are not appreciating him enough because a prophet has no honour in his own country. In Buhari, Nigerians have a leadership prodigy who has single – handedly taken the country to the next level. He is a genius, a man with the Midas touch, who has in only in fours years made Nigeria a country to be reckoned with globally. Buhari has finished the Job. In any case, isn’t the government running smoothly now without the ‘noise markers?’ Here is a man who promised Nigerians three things in 2015 – fighting corruption, rebuilding of the economy and security. On the three fronts, has he delivered ? Yes he has delivered and still delivering. Sai’ Baba ! Sai’ Buhari !

Infrastructure is in fantastic shape, unemployment is at an all-time low and Nigerians are happy. All the talk about the country being the poverty capital of the world is hogwash and reports of rising suicide rates are the tantrums of unpatriotic people. Corruption has been banished from the land courtesy of our President who is as straight as an arrow and Nigeria has become an Eldorado, heaven on earth. Today, Nigeria has become the safest country in the world. Boko Haram has been defeated and all manner of miscreants are now hibernating in forests. They didn’t reckon with the fact that Buhari is a three-star general. Sai Baba Sai Buhari !

Herdsmen and farmers clashes are nothing new in many parts of Nigeria. They are as common and familiar as boundary clashes between communities populated by even Nigerians of same ethnic background. The emergency of Buhari as President brought a trend to the erstwhile friendly but sometimes tense relationship between farmers and herders. It is all partly the outcome of Buhari’s wrong understanding of his role and place as president, his failure to rise above petty ethic and religious considerations in his engagement with Nigerians on the other hand and the other hand his failings as a leader who came into office unprepared for the demands of the office of the president.

He has a poor sense of his role as president. His situation is nowhere helped by his physical weakness due to his advanced age. Thus, he sits back in his living apartment in Aso Villa or his office and literally marks time. He could, therefore, come out without any sense of urgency, irony or embarrassment to say he is being pressurized to release his ministerial before senate giving him deadline. Which type of leader talks like this ? Having sat back, doing nothing for most of his four years as president even as Fulani herders go about inflicting destruction on different parts of the country, he comes to Nigerians one morning with tactless talks of a cattle colony and a so called National Livestock Transformation plan that was surreptitiously renamed as RUGA and expects a country already traumatised by the murderous impunity of Fulani terror groups to accept an agenda tailor – made to appease their tormentors.

Had Buhari played his role as president of all Nigerians and risen to the demands of his office by demanding justice for Nigerians runied by criminal elements masquerading as herdsmen, had he taken preemptive and proactive steps to stem the rising tide of Fulani nationalism rather than advertising himself as defender of his “people”, he would not now be fighting the fire of anti – Fulani sentiments. His personal failure as a man unprepared for the office he occupies is the reason an entire ethnic group is today being views with hostility and stereotyped as land-grabbkng hegemonists that would kill on a mass scale at the slightest provocation. Sai’ Baba Sai’ Buhari !

President Muhammadu buhari has not only embraced his Baba Go-slow moniker with the evident pleasure of an old man in retirement and now enjoying his evening years, he insists on wearing it on his sleeves like a badge of honour. That Image of Baba Go- slow gives the impression of a grandfatherly character who does nothing but wait for the regular visits of his children and grandchildren during family vacations and reunions. Nigeria has had leaders who are intellectuals. Buhari does not belong among them. It is highly improbable this president engages in any activity that could keep him awake at any time of the day, thinking of how to get Nigeria to ” the next level”, to say nothing of being great again.

Under previous administration when the economy performed better and Nigeria was better governed, none of Baba Buhari’s over patronised hands was part of the federal cabinet. What then is this business of making it look like there are only a few Nigerians are capable of making Nigeria a better place? Where opportunities are limited to the same set of people and their promoters, how is the next generation being grown? Baba Buhari’s cabinet is in the main a conclave of power blocs and power brokers. We are better than this and the country can do far better than what buhari wants us to believe. His slow, worse than mediocre performance is killing this country.

Finally, this is exactly where I was going when I started out drawing a portrait of a Baba Buhari who rules and a President Muhammadu Buhari who ought to govern. Nigeria cannot afford a leader who moves at Sai Baba’s pace. But we have gambled on him being a changed man, a reconditioned soldier, and lost. What we must do is ensure that we do not created a situation that allows certain Nigerians to misrule us so much that we would prefer anybody else in their place. We must begin to work to create avenues for the truly competent not the merely convenient or available to emerge as leaders.