• The Masquerading You ? The Masquerade trips – the Masquerade dances well
  • The Masquerade sway, spin well
    Whirl and twirl is the sequential rhythm
    Tender step – I say
    Purposeful steps – I retirate
    Ginger steps – irrelevant to many – but
    The matter is really beyond good and the evil
    Don’t stop ! Don’t look back ! Whoever put his
    Feet to the dance and look back is not fit for the
    Kingdom of arts.
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  • Who can stop movement ? _Can you ?Who can stop self-reliance ?_ Can you?
  • Who can hold motion ? Can you ?_ Who I say can demotivate motivation ?
  • The world – Our world is a dancing Masquerade !
  • The world – Thy world –
  • – Your world
  • – Our world – is a dancing                  Masquerade !

Our society has been attacked to fake ideals of deceptiveness, de – motivation of motivation, de – motioning of motion and the de – familiarisation of movement.  When the D’s ( de -motivation, de – motioning, de -familiarisation) attack M’s ( motivation, motion and movement) – children of my mother the result is never stagnation but retardation, collective retardation father collective apathy and collective poverty is born. Poverty of the soul; dissipation of the spirit.


However, instead of nurturing the rhythmical pattern of the Masquerade, our society has become hypocritical in their fashionable and feddish struggle to obtain the ideal of earnestness. This line of rush for the earnest life has made people compromise with anything ugly, selfishness, unneccesary pride, false sense of self worth and dangerous huangtiness develop as evil which corroded the simple charm of societal rhythmical pattern which the individual nature has disrupt the Masquerade dance even when his trying to dance well. Sometimes we just have to scratch ! Pinch, stab our self and awake from the slumber of our lifetime. We just have to watch the redhot blood shoot from our veins to convince our self that there is nothing wrong with the baluban clime.

Furthermore, the individual forget the central proposition of societal transformation which is collectivism tends to see existence precede essence, this implies that, the most consideration for individual is that they are independently acting responsible, conscious being (existence) rather than what labels, roles, stereotypes, definition or other pro conceived categories, the individual fit (essence).

The central life of the individual in the society is what constitutes what could be their true essence instead of their fashionable and feddish being which reflect an arbitrary attributed essence other people us to define them. Thus, human beings in the society through their own consciousness, create their values and determine a meaning to their life.

Moreover, the ideal that there is no meaning in the world beyond what meaning we give it. This context of expression explicitly aver that bad things don’t happen to good people; to the society, metaphorically speaking, there is no such thing as a good person or bad person; what happens happens, and it may just as well happen to a “good” as to a “bad” person. Ask – “Ambode !”.

But watch _Come and watch the rhythmical Masquerade. Don’t just stay in one place, move motivationly, motioningly, to glimpse the mask.

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