Hermia awoke first and seeing her lost Lysander asleep so near her, thought about the strangeness of his sudden loss love for her. Lysander soon opened his eyes, saw again with the eyes which the fairly-spell had clouded, and rediscovered his love for Hermia. And they began to talk over the adventures of the night, wondering if these things had really happened, happened or if they had both been dreaming the same confusing dream.


Helena and demetrius were awake by this time; and since a sweet sleep had quited Helena’s troubled and angry mind, she listened with pleasure to the words of love which Demetrius still spoke to her, and which, to her surprise as well as pleasure, she saw were truly meant.


These fair night wandering ladies, now no longer rivals, became true friends again. All the unkind words which had passed between them were forgiven, and they calmly planned together that what was best to be done in their present condition. It was soon agreed that, as Demetrius had given up his claim to Hermia, he should try to persuade her father to remove the cruel sentence of death which had been passed against her. Demetrius was preparing to return to Athens for this purpose, when they were surprised to See Egeus, Hermia’s father who had come to the wood to find his runaway daughter.

When Egeus understood that Demetrius would not now marry his daughter, he no longer opposed her marriage with Lysander, but gave his permission that they should be joined together on the fourth day from that time.( the same day which Hermia had been told she would lose her life). And on that same day Helena joyfully agreed to marry her Demetrius.