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When Hermia left the presence of the duke, she went to to her lover Lysander. She told him the danger she was in, and that she must either give him up and marry Demetrius, or lose her life in four days’ time.


Lysander was terribly upset when he heard this news. But remembering that he had an aunt who lived at some distance from Athens and that at the place where she lived the cruel law could not be used against Hermia, he suggested to his lover that she should secretly leave her Father’s house that night and go with to his aunt’s house, where he would marry her.
I will meet you’ said Lysander, in the wood a few miles outside city; in that happy wood where we have so often walked with Helena’


Hermia joyfully agreed to this suggestion, and she told no one of her intended flight expect her friend Helena. As young women do foolish things for love, Helena decided to go and tell this to Demetrius; she could hope to gain nothing by giving away her friend’s secret, except the small pleasure of following the man she loved to the wood, because she knew that Demetrius would in fact go after Hermia.

But we must return to Hermia. She escaped from her Father’s house that night, to avoid the death that she faced for refusing to marry Demetrius. When she entered the wood, she found her dear Lysander waiting for her to take her to his aunt’s house. But before they were halfway through the wood, Hermia was so tired that Lysander made her rest until morning on the soft green bank.


And lying down himself on the ground at some little distance, they soon feel fast asleep. Here they were found by puck, puck saw a good looking (look gooding !) young man asleep, and noticed that his clothes were made in the Athenian way and that a pretty lady was sleeping near him; he thought, therefore, that this must be the Athenian girl and her cruel lover whom Oberon had sent him to find. And he naturally enough supposed that, as they were alone together, she would be the first thing he would see when he awoke: so, without delay, he poured some of the juice of the little purple into his eyes. Hermia, she was the first thing Lysander saw when he opened his eyes. And strange to say, so powerful was the love spell that all his love for Hermia disappeared, and Lysander fell in love with Helena.


If he had seen Hermia first when he awoke, the mistake puck made would not have mattered, since he could not love that Lady too well because puck was sent by Oberon the king, and Titania the queen of the fairies who held their midnight dances in the wood where Hermia and Lysander planned to meet. But poor for Lysander to be forced by a fairy love spell to forget his own true Hermia, and to run after another lady and leave Hermia asleep alone in a wood at midnight was very sad…


What happened next ?

Tale ! To be continued !!