Do You Know ? The Athenian law !


pexels-photo-772689.jpegThere was a law in the city of Athens which gave it’s citizen the power to force their daughters to marry whoever they pleased. If a daughter refused to marry the man her father had chosen to be her husband, the father could by this law cause to her to be killed. But as fathers do not of then desire the death of their own daughters, even if they are a little disobedient, this law was rarely or never used.

But there was a case of an old man, whose name was Egeus who actually did not come to Thesus ( at the time the Duke of Athens), to make a complaint about his daughter Hermia. He had commanded Hermia to marry Demetrius, a young man of the old Athenian family, but she refused to obey him, because she loved another young Athenian, named Lysander. Egues demanded justice from Theseus, and asked for this cruel law to be used against his daughter.

Hermia defence was that Demetrius had formerly said that he loved her dear friend Helena, and that Helena loved Demetrius deeply, but this good reason which Hermia gave for not obeying her father’s command did not move the severe Egeus at all.

Theseus, though a great and good prince, had no power to change the laws of his country, so, he could only give Hermia four days to consider the matter; at the end of that time, if she still refused to marry Demetrius, she would be put to death…

Tale ! To be continued !